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i love you Lolly

plot resetting feat. the worst possible places Rudy could place his house on.

(psst click for captions)

very cherry of her

I found Kabuki sleeping on the bench today!

He’s so cute¬†

i remember some time ago when I was asking people if they would let me adopt Chrissy then someone on anon came to my ask saying “oh she’s too popular so no one’s gonna let you adopt her”


this is the third time she’s given me her picture

Is anyone willing to sell some throwing beans please…

Just name your price! ;_;


mayor of mintelle


my beloved villagers <3

i finally got Rudy so

*cracks knuckles*

let the plot resetting begin

Looking for Wishlist Items!

My wishlist is here! 

I can pay you bells. Just name your price! (please make them reasonable though haha…)

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